Satellite TV Installation

Satellite TV Installation by Sach Audio and Visual: Our engineers are very experienced at supplying and installing a range of high end satellite systems, capable of receiving European and International satellite TV, and can tailor make a system to receive a variety of languages and channels.

Satellite TV Installation
Satellite TV Installation

A fixed European or International Satellite TV Installation is a fantastic alternative to Sky Digital, and with many satellites available, there are hundreds of channels to choose from, depending on your requirements.

Europe has many many channels available in whatever European language you speak on satellite. European satellite Channels are mainly broadcast from a satellite called Hotbird, Eutelsat 13 degrees east and Astra 19.2 degrees east.  These 2 positions literally beam thousands of European satellite channels, ranging from news and documentary, to films and adult programming alike.  Not all of these European channels are free. In fact the majority of these satellite TV channels are not free. They are scrambled, meaning you will need to have a card from the originating country.  There are obvious exceptions however. Italian channels, Polish, German etc have a big choice of free channels.  European satellite TV channels are literally being updated constantly, on a weekly basis.  European satellite installations need a slightly bigger dish size than the sky dish size, for the UK.

What is a Communal System?

There are a few main types of communal systems for aerial and satellite reception.

IRS Integrated Receiving systems, the most used communal system for blocks of flats big housing estates, where only one main dish and aerial is required for the whole estate
MATV Master Antenna TV System. This type of system is the old type if TV aerial communal system, which were great in their day, and still work well, but do not offer the flexibility of being able to connect a satellite receiver facility.
SMATV Satellite Master Antenna TV systems. These type of systems are mainly used on hotel types systems. SMATV systems basically have one commercial grade receiver per satellite channel, put through an aerial system. This allows for each TV to be able to pick up the nominated satellite channels, without the need for a satellite receiver box for each room.
The systems above are the main types of systems in use today for communal satellite systems.

All of these systems can be reasonably small systems to very major systems.

The design and architecture of each system obviously varies according to each individual requirement . Some bigger communal aerial and satellite systems may even require fibre optic cables if the cable routes are very long, so as not to cause degradation of picture quality. Fibre Optic cables can carry signals for miles and miles, with exceptionally little loss!

Sach Audio and Visual can design, supply and install communal aerial and satellite systems according to your requirements and specification.

Contact us now and one of our friendly staff will assist with any technical questions you may have.