Due to the choice and advances of Free To Air Digital Services, many of our new and existing customers are starting to move away from Sky TV & Virgin media to help save on the households ever rising monthly costs by having a Digital  TV Aerial fitted.


Free To Air Digital TV is a great way to start saving on your monthly outgoings. Every TV sold now has built in Freeview, The only requirement is a working Digital Aerial and you will automatically receive over 100 FREE channels to watch with NO monthly subscription.

If you add a latest Set-Top Digital Box you can also have On-Demand and Record your favourite show to watch when you want.

Remember, all our Digital TV Aerials are installed to the highest standard and guaranteed

Check out the amazing range of UK channels available on FreeView Here

Digital Aerial Installation Across Areas Such As Harrow & Wembley

If your requirement is to watch programs from around the world then we would probably recommend a Free To Air Satellite System. Again available without a monthly subscription, we offer a wide range of quality Satellite Receivers and Dishes to suit all budgets and requirements. These systems give you 100’s of Free To Air channels from around the world in most languages. Sach Audio and Visual can also provide dishes and satellite boxes with specific nationalities in mind.

As local aerial installers working across areas like Harrow and Wembley, our team can work with you to install your digital TV aerials. We have experience in digital aerial installation and can also help you with various other services such as:

  • Servicing of New and Existing Systems
  • Communal systems.
  • Special Heights Installations

If you’re looking for professional and local TV aerial installers working across areas such as Harrow and Wembley, we’re the team for you. Get in touch with our team today for expert digital aerial installation.

Contact us now and one of our friendly staff will assist with any technical questions you may have.