Choosing the right kind of Alarms & Security System for your home depends on: what level of protection you require, your budget, where you live, what your home is like and of course your personal preferences.

Certain things just can not be replaced, so its obvious your most valuable possessions need protecting. While you’re asleep, at work, on holidays or just away for the weekend, your home, or business can be vulnerable at this time. Sach Audio and Visual have built a reputation for providing and installing top quality Alarms & Security Systems that you can trust.

Alarms & Security

Wireless or Wired Burglar Alarm

Alarms & Security can be either wireless or wired. Wireless alarms can look nicer, are generally easier to install and can be re-installed more easily if or when you move house. They use battery-powered sensors that connect to a control panel using radio signals.

A Wireless alarm is often cheaper to install however, the alarms themselves can be more expensive. Where as a wired system usually needs to be installed by a professional so the wires are hidden and a have a clean tidy finish. Here at Sach Audio and Visual, our friendly staff will be happy to tailor a solution that just right for you using quality Alarm and Security product and as usual provide you with a first class installation.

Alarms systems can be used in conjunction with CCTV or as stand alone protection for your premises. Our alarm systems will call you, family, friends or even the police. Available in a huge range and at affordable prices alarms are a great deterrent to burglars.